Corporate & Commercial

It’s a fast-paced world we live in where change happens quickly. And while these are exciting times, they are not without risk. And that’s where we come in.

We understand the complexities of doing business in this climate. Even the boldest and brightest entrepreneurs need expert guidance and advice to ensure they are on the right path to success. Our team brings expertise, experience and unique insight to each individual client’s legal service needs.We help our clients develop a framework for success that enables them to focus on building a great business or enterprise.

We’re open and transparent communicators. It’s important to us that you understand clearly, the risks and obligations associated with every decision and transaction. That’s our promise to you.

Our Corporate and Commercial practice area provides end-to-end services – from the drafting of that first shareholders agreement, right through to the implementation of the exit strategy and sale of business. And through it all, we’re right there with you, committed to your success.

You can learn more about the many corporate and commercial legal services we offer, below:

Commercial and Corporate Law Advice

Don’t agree to terms or sign on the dotted line until you’ve spoken to us. We specialise in seeing the things you don’t.

Drafting and Reviewing of Agreements

The back and forth of the contract negotiation is a corner stone to doing business. We’ve got the expertise and experience to ensure that what you agreed is reflected in the bold as well as that fine print – and that you understand exactly what you are entering into.

ASIC Advice & Company Secretariat

ASIC establishes and polices strict governance requirements in the running of a business. We can help you navigate your obligations to and requirements under ASIC rules, whether you are a startup, SME or corporate enterprise.

Business Structures

For every business, structure at the setup phase is an important factor into the long-term strategy for success and risk mitigation. We will walk you through all the options and advise you on the best and most pragmatic structure to suit your unique situation and business goals.

Financing Agreements

Securing finance is a complex undertaking and requires a specialized skillset. We bring a depth of experience and understanding to the drafting of financing agreements across a wide range of industries.

Intellectual Property

You came up with the big idea and its execution – and we can help protect it. It’s a hard slog to come up with a great product, design or piece of art – and it’s a lot easier to rip it off. Your brilliant work and execution matters to you and we will provide you with sound and strategic advice to best project your innovation.

Employment Law

No matter whether you have one or one hundred employees, contractors or engage freelancers from time to time – you will have obligations across many legal areas. It’s vital that you understand those obligations and ensure the people who provide services for you understand theirs, too.

Mergers & Acquisitions

It’s an exciting thing to be acquired or merged to accelerate business growth. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure everything is set for sunny days ahead.

Sale of Business

The sale of business can be a complex and drawn out business, especially if there are stakeholders and partners involved. We’re focused on getting you across the line in a stress-free mindset leaving you ready to focus on the next big thing.

ASX Listing

Listing on the Australian Stock Exchange is a huge leap forward for any business and a critical step in scalability and growth. No industry is the same, and each requires a unique strategy focused on the growth goals of the business. We understand it takes a methodical and diligent approach and we’re with you every step of the way.


Navigating insurance is a complex and dealing with insurers can sometimes be a painstaking experience. We have the expertise and industry experience to ensure your covered and to help you through.

Digital and Technology

Emerging digital technology is an exciting place to play – and we love working with entrepreneurs who want to solve a problem or change the world for the better. Often digital disruption happens fast and the law is slow to follow. We are experienced advisors in the sector and ready to partner with those willing to change the game!